Our curriculum is designed to focus on overall development of the child from the very start which will strengthen their foundation and will make them into the confident being in future. We have designed some unique room for the kids in the school premises only; followed by the relevant strategies and planning. These rooms have been designed and equipped for the various activities with the teaching goals and objectives to prepare the child psychologically.

A low student teacher ratio is maintained to ensure effective teaching and learning and well qualified personnel and instructors conduct the above mentioned activities.

Class Room

Learning begins from the classrooms and for this we have well equipped classrooms setup where kids will learn with amusements the walls are decorative and attractive where kids will be happy to be in, we have smart board and other smart tools and techniques that will enhance students knowledge and will give them proper learning and friendly environment within classrooms.

Play Area

Playing is equally important as much as studies for kids and for this we have planned separate area for playing games that will amuse the child and studies will not be interfered, various smart tools, games, toys are placed in this section where kids cognitive, motor skills will be assessed and developed and trainers will shape them into fit and healthy being.

Activity Area

Creative minds should be encouraged for new inventions, we give wings to our little kids like angels to spread them and innovate something new, kids learn from Montessori tools and with other art and craft activities that makes them learn something new every time. Our trained teachers plan different activity every time with meaningful objectives for the kids.

Art and Craft

Fun with colors and creativity is all here in Art and craft room for kids, children learn to draw, color, glitter, cut and paste and create masterpiece with their little hands that helps them thinks creative. Different techniques and tools, preferably Eco friendly or child friendly material are used under the supervision of trained teachers that help child to explore themselves in the world of art.

Mini Auditorium

Our well equipped auditorium for kids make them feel special as children learn how to present themselves in front of audience and be the audience, learning the social etiquettes and behavior. Children also enjoy 3D animated movies and many other things at this interactive learning area. Our Audio-visual concept room gives amazing experience and makes kids learn to listen and visualize and understand different types of morals and lessons.

Dining Rooms

Sharing is always fruitful, children learn table etiquettes and all other dinning manners with their friends under the same roof, they learn to eat well and how to use different types of cutlery, teachers teaches them how to do sharing and tells them about the nutritive value of the food and encourage children to have healthy diet and become stronger.

Dream House

Our this segment has unique concept, here we encourage and motivates children to know and practice their dream from their foundation stage, we have placed amazing gadgets, tools, costumes of different profession like of Doctor, teacher, cops etc, children pick up their favorite character and perform as if they are living their dream. It gives sense of participation and confident to the child and gives their imagination wings to fly and kids will be able to learn hosting and presentation tips in a profound manner as well.

Gym Area

We take care of child mental and physical health both, we have built separate segment for kids exercise and fitness where kids enjoy with their class mates and learn fitness value. We have placed unique tools and equipments that help children in their motor development. They enjoy their leisure time and feel active to perform various activities with fun and learning both.

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