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Why Delhi play school Genius is important for a child ?

All children are unique and all prefer to be engaged in varieties of activities to be done during the age between 2 to 6, as this is the growing phase where 90% of the brain development takes place. They get bored with if the suitable activities are not around them. All the associated activities have an effect, in their developments. The absence of the activities should not be there as it has the deep effect on the mental, psychological, emotional development and on cognitive development of kids. Parents are requested to spend quality time, pure time with their kids and provide the best them the best edutainment entertaining activities. Here we are helping those parents who face the time constraints with their kids, in the form of by proving the best roaring brand play school a unique place to teach, learn and nurture the toddlers as per their tender age group.

All Our programs are designed to give you a feature of a widely used variety of fun-loving activities which all in counts include singing, social activities, arts and crafts, storytelling, play way learning, and both indoor and outdoor games, built in vocabulary skills and excursions all are uniquely designed to teach children different level of expected skills. Children may also involve in learning workshop to gain the knowledge on academic aspects such as object counting and the alphabet and induction objects. In all of our placed playschool our teachers have gone through a certified training program in early childhood education, to help you in preparing your child in all round developmentally science. We are providing you an environment where all different children in play school have a quick opportunity to socialize and present their skills with other toddlers based on their age, gender, that all are the appealing advantages for many parents, all under one roof.

Be a part of Delhi play school Genius

Top Twelve things we are providing to a child

1. Formal school training:

We have the international level of experts behind designing curriculum, mapped with a modern education valued by good formal schools. The different level of intellectual skills assessment of your child with different participation certificate will give you the highest priority in term of recognizing the child's abilities at all levels and classes. We are working on the sets of "all round of development skill" right from the age of 2 to 6. Hence at all the phases, the unmatched competency skills will be developed. Apart from the above, your child would be quick trained with the habit of attending the learning programs of any school which could be the added advantage.

2. Reducing initial Separation Anxiety:

Play schools are the best source that prepares kids with most of the basic skills required for the entry into good formal schooling. From the very first day of his school till the last day in his School , a child may quite perceive unlike of exposures, experiences and settlements skills. The initial environments of the school are based on play way methodology to give them a lesson, to follow and respond the queries raised by their teachers at various levels, gradually during the learning phases children start following the teacher's instruction. „When " their anxieties are completely removed by staying in the school, for some duration in a day, then they may learn various interpersonal skills.

3. All round Development based on philosophy:

Philosophy is nothing but the methods through which all are guided and trained, covering the entire aspects of KINDER-GARTEN, MONTESSORY EDUCATION PHILOSOPHY and Today's philosophy of development science for concentration and required motor skills under best supervision.

Parents have many advantages for your child with appropriate philosophy-

  • Attentiveness
  • More concentration
  • Developing grasping
  • An identification and recognizing of a different object
  • Retaining the taught skills
  • Sensorial skills about many different material sciences

4. School formulates Show and Teach:

The school has a selective TEACHING-LEARNING TOOLS - for example

  1. collection of natural example
  2. collection of real time example
  3. collection of different scientific teaching tools to make the learning ability very easier and interactive. Educators have more point to explore the different learning and grasping due to the examples.

They have for teaching and engaging. Teaching colors, counting, alphabets and all other becomes very easy with lots of fun, where children may be easily involved, learn, recite, reflect and retain. One will get amazing role play exercises in terms of inculcating moral value, etiquette, social and emotional skills.

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