SITE VISIT – Team of our professional experts visit your school site before finalizing because site selection plays an very important role for the growth of any school.

Consideringing the safety concerns of Delhi play school Genius’s student, our core team finalizes only that site for Delhi play school Genius which is following our following parameters:-

  • Near to child specialist hospital or clinic.
  • Should have proper parking space.
  • Premises should be covered properly.
  • There should be no electric polls near to school gate.
  • No heavy vehicles movement near to school.
  • Should be easily accessible for parents and many more safety points

SITE VISIT – Team of our professional interior designers and civil engineers will prepare complete layout of your premises as per the standard of play schools in india (designed by Delhi play school Genius).

  • Complete Site Visit, Selection, Layout and Construction Plan.
  • Customised design and availability of furniture.
  • Fee Survey & implementation.
  • Interior manual & availability of school furniture.

RECRUITEMENT & TRAINING SUPPORT – Our academic trainers and the experience trainers from the different vertical of NCERT will take care of complete teachers training programme at our school premises. we will include theory and practical training exposure to the teachers and to bring about overall development for the betterment of school functioning, our content will include all the

  • techniques, strategies
  • teachings aids used in teaching
  • Effective classroom management
  • life skills development
  • understanding children
  • self development
  • child psychology
  • teacher- student relationship management
  • role of teachers, counselors, academic and administrative stafft
  • motivation for teachers that includes staff coordination
  • personality development
  • business promotion

and the long list of content will be covered.

We believe in focusing on every staff in school equally and thus we will be training entire staff; teachers, front office, backend, counselors, seniors administrators etc.


24*7 support – Team of our highly experienced PRO will work as a bridge between you and company, will handle all the parts of our SIPS upto the term of our agreement.

Extra support-

  • Smart classes
  • Talking pens enabled in our books
  • Online support for admissions

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