Our Vision

Delhi play school Genius’s, vision and mission is all about the development of better world tomorrow by fostering the kids in present, we aim in overall development of students and provides a safe, secure, and stimulating learning atmosphere with an equal emphasis on curriculum, creativity, and physical activity in an atmosphere nurtured by love and care.

Our vision is to create exceptional citizens, and nurture our student’s growth with all the possible efforts with the expertise we have. We imagine the new world of peace and love where each child will contribute their effort in making our country better place to live. We believe in expanding our vision where we see extreme development of child in all the aspects of life.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the quality education with a rich curriculum and a quality environment. We are committed to the principle that each child deserves to be respected, and must be encouraged to reach their potential.

The school’s mission is to let student discover their talents, develop skills and establish core values understanding the ethics of the society.

We believe in achieving the aim with our consistent efforts by providing endless support to our little hands and to foster them with intellectual, physical, lingual, social, emotional, and creative growth skills.

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